Brain Workout 3

Brain Workout 3

Brain Workout 3 is a set of games designed to improve our mental performance
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Brain Workout 3 is a collection of games designed to improve our mental performance and keep our brain fit, putting to the test our memory, concentration, and logical thinking. Brain Workout is the perfect game for those looking to improve their mental capacity, and tone down the natural effects of mind aging.

Games are arranged into four areas that cover several aspects of our brain activity. These areas are: verbal, numbers, spatial, memory, and logic, and each one consists of three games extremely easy to understand. Just a few examples of the types of games you are going to find: in the Verbal area, one of the games challenges us to form a certain amount of words with the given letters in only two minutes. According to the difficulty level chosen (there are five for all the games), words to form range from 5 to 75. In the area of memory, we are given a list of numbers and figures according to the level selected, and we have to recall it in a few seconds. There are 15 games in total, all of them equally fun, accompanied by thrilling music and sound effects.

You can exercise your mind yourself on a daily basis, following the plan suggested by the game, or play the games you prefer whenever you have some free time. The software can track your progress storing your daily results, but this option is only available in the registered version.

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